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What is ville filler procedure?
From injection method to other firm resilience
Fillers are a kind of filler that injects mainly under the dermis.
The Best Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic in Korea and abroad use the proven filler to fill the depressed parts of the vagina and narrow the vagina.
The vaginal filler procedure is easier than surgery and can be done easily.

As the techniques of molding are diversified, the demand for petit molding other than surgical methods is greatly increasing. It is a trend that many people are looking for because petit molding is less costly than surgery and it is easy to do daily life immediately after the procedure. In the best gynecology department, the vaginal filler procedure is used to make the vagina elastic by using the filler to take advantage of the petit form. In case of vaginal filler treatment, it is not a soft feeling filler usually used on the face but it is a product with a permanent formulation of PMMA component which has a long lasting 5 years and can feel elasticity. The vaginal filler of the best obstetrician gynecologist narrows the vagina by injecting delicate filler and makes small protuberances. It restores vagina elasticity without surgery and various techniques which enrich the gender, It is a procedure that can be satisfactory for women who are not very serious.

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What is a quality Vaginal tightening laser?

Vaginal Tightening Laser vaginoplasty practice to regenerate the elasticity of actual muscle and vaginal mucosa
After delivery, women's vaginal and pelvic muscles are greatly relaxed.
Over time, it gradually returns to its original shape, but on average, only 80% of the time before the birth is reproduced.
A laser vaginoplasty tightening laser is a laser procedure that can reproduce vaginal and muscular elasticity without surgery, without surgery.

Many women who experience pregnancy and childbirth experience loosening of the vaginal mucosa and pelvic fascia. Because the gingiva itself is in a state of widening, the satisfaction of each other is significantly lowered at the time of sexual intercourse. In some cases, the patient experiences dryness of the vagina or stress incontinence. The most effective treatment is to tighten the fascia lining and vaginal mucosa through an operative method, but there are many people who are afraid of surgery or have a recovery period after surgery and are unable to manage it. This is a way to get back to the old elasticity in a simpler way: a quality Vaginal Tightening Laser

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When a quality-tightening laser is needed

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Vaginal Tightening Laser vaginoplasty is a simple procedure that is suitable for women who do not want to have surgery after giving birth but want to improve their vaginal relaxation. Quality of life and overall sexual satisfaction are improved by improving vaginal dryness with improved mild urinary incontinence after birth. Pre-natal women who do not even need surgical treatment can feel more stimulating sexual satisfaction through laser surgery that helps the secretion of fluid in the vagina more smoothly. You can receive the laser vaginoplasty simply.


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Powerful edge laser with short treatment period

Vaginal Tightening Laser in the Best Obstetrics and Gynecology The laser is the only vaginal laser equipped with a device that automatically sucks in smoke. This minimizes the risk of smearing the reflector due to smoke during the procedure, allowing the laser beam to be more intense and focused, maximizing the resilience effect and shortening the procedure time by as much as 15 minutes.

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360 degree rotation method that is examined thoroughly

The vagina is in the form of a cylindrical structure. Because of this, it is necessary to be able to irradiate the laser beam uniformly throughout the vagina. The Vaginal Tightening Laser of the Best Obstetrics and Gynecology rotates 360 degrees and transfers the laser energy evenly and precisely to the whole of the vagina.

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Anesthesia and private treatment and management to minimize pain

Because the vaginal mucosa is a very fine-grained skin tissue, local anesthesia before laser surgery minimizes pain. In some cases, under local anesthesia under sedation / sleep anesthesia, you may be able to catch pain during anesthesia. In addition, the treatment is safely performed in the exclusive laser room of the obstetrics and gynecology department where the psychological stability of women is taken into consideration as much as possible, and stable and private management is possible.

Operation Method

① 1 Private room
Private for a sense of psychological stability Perform the procedure in the dedicated laser room.

② Local Anesthesia
Local anesthesia is performed prior to the procedure.
In some cases, under local anesthesia with sleep / sedation,
I will proceed with the procedure.

③ 15 minute short procedure time
With a powerful edge laser for a short 15 minutes
To regenerate vaginal mucosa and pelvic floor muscles
Strong laser beam is irradiated.

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① Contraction of the urethral tissue to improve mild stress incontinence

② The entire surface of the vaginal cavity is irradiated with laser to induce vaginal contraction

③ Enhance the elasticity of the vagina by causing contraction of the pelvic fascia layer

④ Improved vaginal dryness by inducing mucous membrane regeneration

A quality Vaginal Tightening Laser is a procedure using a CO2 medium and a proximal laser energy that transfers energy to deeper areas compared to a laser used for general facial or skin procedures. Since the laser is delivered to the muscle layer deeper than the skin, it can induce contraction of the fascia layer and induces the regeneration of the vaginal mucosa. It takes about 15 minutes to complete once, and it is effective to receive a total of 3 procedures. You can get treatment at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. In most cases, you can have sex within 5 days after the Vaginal Tightening Laser.


I need this person.

  • Women who have vaginal atrophy but are afraid of surgery
  • Women in front of important events such as marriage and travel
  • Women with uncomplicated incontinence and vaginal dryness with vaginal laxity
  • Women who want to reduce vagina while performing vulva
  • Women who want to prepare the best for their opponents ahead of their important events
  • Vaginal laxity is not severe, but women who want more active and stimulating sexual intercourse
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