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What is Original Dual Tie?

Women's Medical Techniques to Make Unforgettable Moments

Original Dual Tie is a vaginal cosmetic surgery originally designed by the best gynecologist.

It tightens the loose vagina twice in the mouth and in the mouth and restores the elasticity to the pelvic muscles, making it as solid as the 20s.

Be molded in the past, the deep inlet just did not shrink instead of vaginal cosmetic surgery was the most narrow. In this case the entrance is narrow and it becomes excessively stiff for insertion pain is caused, on the contrary vagina still remains less wide, the effect of treatment. The original dual tie not only tightens the vaginal opening but also tightens down to the vagina, increasing the gender and minimizing the pain of the insertion. Fast recovery of Hymen Surgery because using laser surgery, it's best to use a unique technique of obstetrics and gynecology, only of "Diamond Design" and "hoejeonbong legitimate. The original dual Thai induces bladder, colon musculature surrounding the quality of normalization at the same time as Tight as well as sexual function restored to the vaginal mucosa also restore the pelvic floor muscles together. So after childbirth incontinence, sphincter weakness, constipation symptoms will also improve together.

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Original dual tie procedure Hymen Surgery 

① Micro-exfoliation

Using a laser to peel the inner surface of the vagina very finely requires a very good technique. It is the first step to make the inside of the vagina narrow and firm, and the microperfection reduces bleeding, minimizes nerve and muscle damage, and restores very quickly.


Diamond Design

Particularly, when peeling off, it is designed not as a flat flat strip but as a diamond, and peeling off. When each diamond vertex is sealed, the inside of the vagina is narrowed in three dimensions, and the inside of the vagina becomes very tight and becomes firm.


Swivel rod method

When sewing diamonds at the vertices, the inner part of the vagina is stitched together using a cuff tongue special needle. By this swiveling method, the inside of the vagina becomes more resilient and the effect of solidification becomes doubled.

Therefore, the original dual tie is a technique combined with a unique technique of the best gynecologist. It restores not only the vaginal mucosa but also the pelvic muscles, which leads to normalization of the bladder and the large intestine muscle tightening the quality at the same time as tight sexual function recovery. After childbirth incontinence, worsening anal sphincter, constipation symptoms will be improved together.

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The original dual-tie-line plastic surgery is a faithful procedure to the basic concept of originally correcting the relaxed and damaged pelvic muscles, originally intended for vaginal plastic surgery. Narrowing the vagina and creating a strong contractile force is due to the restoration of the muscular pelvic muscles. Therefore, this surgery does not artificially create mucous projections or use foreign objects such as implants. The mucous membrane can not be a fundamental solution because it is easily relaxed. In addition to the traditionally performed 'pelvic muscle reconstruction', 'vaginal reduction', which reduces the quality evenly from beginning to end. The operation is a characteristic of this operation.


Differentiation from existing surgery

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It collects the sagging vagina once more,

Not only the quality, but also the whole pelvic cavity is elastic like twenties.

Because of the diamond incision method and swivel bar method, it narrows the inside more than the entrance.

The pain is less and the gender is improved excellently.


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Dual tie that tightly ties up twice

The original dual tie minimizes damage to blood vessels, nerves and fluid glands using laser and micro-surgical surgical instruments. 1) The vaginal mucosa is dissected from the vaginal vestibule to the vaginal opening. 2) The vaginal opening is carefully separated and closely gathered. 2) The pelvic floor surrounding the vagina is firmly gathered.

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Diamond Design

Diamond design is a breakthrough in mucosal ablation. The incision of the mucosa in the form of a diamond can tighten the inside of the vagina more tightly than the vaginal opening, which further enhances the sexuality of the relationship. In addition, relaxed pelvic floor muscles can be fully exposed and firmly gathered to access damaged pelvic floor muscles, which is the root cause of vaginal and vaginal relaxation. This not only reduces the quality of the pelvic muscles but also restores the shape of the pelvic muscles in the twenties firmly helps to return to a firm and chewy state, and also improves gas discharge and urinary incontinence symptoms.


Minimal mucosal incision

'Minimal mucosal incision' preserves the function of vaginal mucosa important for mucus secretion and sexual desire.

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Fine suture technique, swivel joint method

As a way to restore the pelvic muscles and ligaments that are revealed by the diamond design, we apply a special sealing method called swivel bar fitting. This helps to effectively harvest the pelvic muscles and ligaments and prevent widening of the mucosa.

It is an excellent sealing method which is an alternative to overcome the disadvantages of existing vaginal molding that loosens again soon.

In addition, the suture area is carefully cleansed and restores to its original mucosal state quickly.

Operation Method

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Diamond Design
Designed to fit 1: 1 depending on the length, inner diameter, and deflection of the vagina. Hymen Surgery designed as a diamond with a narrower vaginal opening than the vaginal opening.

Minimizes damage to blood vessels, nerves, and fluid glands using laser and micro-instruments.

The inside of the vagina is gathered from the inside and the suture is performed, and the procedure is proceeded with a delicate swiveling method.

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Resilience restoration

Hymen Surgery by deeply treating the inside of the vagina, the ability to tighten up and down freely improves, and the satisfaction of not only the other person but also the person increases.


Restoration of damage

Not only the inside of the pelvic floor muscles to restore firmly, but also tightens the tension on the outside.


Women's Health Recovery

As mucosal conditions improve, they become stronger against bacterial and fungal infections and improve vaginitis, itching, dryness and pain. Pelvic floor muscles are strengthened together to solve frequent gas discharge, urinary incontinence, and noise during the relationship.

The feeling of youth has been restored, creating a beautiful and beautiful confidence in the relationship..



   I need this person.

  • If you want to have a wonderful experience for both men and women
  • For those who give birth, especially natural delivery
  • Overweight, pregnant twins
  • Those who have suffered long-suffering pain and tinnitus
  • Inborn pelvis is large in size
  • If the pelvis feels loose
  • If you have incontinence
  • If you are about to remarry
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Surgical Information

Recovery period

One to two weeks after the vaginal cosmetic surgery operation, there is a feeling of pulling down and secretions such as the end of menstruation. Hymen Surgery is a normal recovery process and will gradually decrease. The suture used for surgery is completely absorbed by the melting thread and takes 90 days to disappear. The suture that sutures the vaginal mucosa begins to cut off from about 3 to 4 weeks and comes out of the vagina. This is a natural and normal process in which healing of the tissue is being finalized.

You do not have to worry about seeing the thread in your panties.


Relevant Date

Sexual intercourse is possible from 4 to 6 weeks after vaginal cosmetic surgery in which mucous and submucosal tissue is healed and the suture melts away. Individuals may be back and forth about one to two weeks back and forth. It is best to slow down and soften even when the relationship begins. It is recommended to use a lubricant to prevent scratching the mucous membrane.


Post-operative management

The secretion comes out immediately after the dual tie. It is not the pus from inflammation, but the blood, plasma, and anesthetic solution, which is the tissue healing process. One to two weeks later, the color becomes transparent and sheep gradually. If the secretion is not managed, the bacteria grows easily. Therefore, it is recommended to use the cleaning agent and the cleansing agent for 4 to 6 weeks after the operation, so that you often take a bath and a half bath. We recommend 3 to 5 minutes with lukewarm water at around 40 degrees Celsius, which helps blood circulation and promotes tissue regeneration. It is a wrong way to kill bacteria by lengthening them with boiling water for at least 10 minutes. This causes rapid burning of the mucous membrane burns, which adversely affects tissue regeneration. After all surgery, the wound healing process lasts up to 3 months and 80% of wound healing is done after 8 weeks of surgery. Therefore, for the time being, please use the lubricant to be careful and soft. After the reshaping of the internal structure, position, and tension of the pelvic muscles and ligaments, as well as the quality of the women's plasticity, additional treatments that strengthen it are helpful. Kegel's exercise, pelvic muscle electrical stimulation therapy (EMS), and biofeedback therapy (biofeedback therapy) will be started after 4 to 6 weeks of vaginal cosmetic surgery.

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Good post-surgery care together

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