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What is an upper lobe lift?

The smooth feeling of reviving 20's!

As the aging progresses, the skin of the whole body as well as the facial skin will lose its elasticity and stretch.

Recently, there are many people who suffer severe loss of skin elasticity as a symptom of fatigue by diet.

If the skin elasticity is lowered in the labia majora or labia majoraplasty, it can be returned to the shape of a smooth labia majora by a labia majora vagina plastic surgery.

In the case of shallow wrinkles, it can be improved only by a method such as a fat graft or filler that expands the skin to make it look smooth.

However, if the elasticity of the skin is getting worse and the skin is sagging or wrinkled, you can not use the method to fill the skin.

In the same way, when the wrinkles and sagging are severe as the aging progresses, it is necessary to remove the skin that is sagging and to make the upper part smooth.


Labia majoraplasty also improves smoothly the wrinkles of the lower back like a windy balloon...

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Check Point

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What is the ideal for the labia major?

Denison is rich in subcutaneous fat from infancy to 20s, and has a smooth, convex hill shape.
Generally, when the width is 3 ~ 4cm and the length is 7 ~ 8cm, it is evaluated as a young and healthy ideal condition.










If you need a top-to-back lift

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If the striatum shrank like a windy balloon

When a bikini or tightly clothed clothing is bulging out

If extra skin is left after removal

of foreign body


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➀ Natural shape and harmonious shape with 3D stereoscopic design

In the best gynecology department, 3D stereoscopic design that does not look awkward even after removing the elongated skin is done in labia majoraplasty vagina plastic surgery.

The boundary between the inside and the outside of the labia minus is appropriately set to ensure a reliable lifting and uncomfortable shape. Especially, the design of the labyrinthine and the vaginal opening makes it possible to form a harmonious vulva Allow.

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➁ Suture less stitches with triple-third stitches

Because there are many visible parts of the labia majora, even if the shape is kept pretty, if the suture remains, it is not a good operation.

In the best obstetrics department, the part where the suture part of the operation is covered as much as possible is cut.

Delicate and clean incisions and sutures prevent scarring in vagina plastic surgery from remaining on the outer surface of the vaginal area after surgery and help maintain the shape of the labia majora.

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➂ Stem cells are combined with laminectomy to give them elasticity and softness

In order to maximize skin elasticity and volume feeling after laparoscopic surgery of labia majoraplasty, it is possible not only to restore volume but also to improve colored skin tone.

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⓸ It is also possible to raise the upper gastrointestinal tract

In order to improve the sagging caused by general aging or skin elasticity reduction, besides the upper arm, it is possible to do the upper arm even if the upper arm is inflated by injecting the foreign material into the upper arm.

In this case, it is one of the difficult operations to remove the contaminants of the upper part of the stomach and to remove the foreign body of the upper part of the stomach. There is.

Operation Method

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➀ Design

We design the most ideal shape of the labia mina depending on the shape of the labia minora and vulva.

➁ Upper gastrostomy

Remove the sagging skin and seal the scar so that the scar is not left on the suture through the triple third-third seal.

③ Stem cell counseling

After removing the sagging skin and recovering for about a month, it regenerates the luminousness and soft touch of the labia mina through the stem cell formation.


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  1. Improved skin and wrinkles of the labia major

Hanging over the labia majoraplasty vagina plastic surgery skin improves wrinkles occurred.


  1. Improved volume of the upper labia majora

Not overly feminine flesh falling labia majoraplasty to recover the sense of volume, and will turn the curves of the female.


  1. Improving sexuality during sexual intercourse

These guys have got no sense of the labia majora cushion the pain of friction during sexual intercourse feel more a sense of pleasure restored cushion and improves sexual feeling.


  1. Improved pigmentation

Cells can expect the effect of improving the tone that is colored through play.


I need this person.

  • If the aging of the labia majoraplasty is severe and the skin is stretched and wrinkled
  • When the skin is swollen and twisted like a wind-blown balloon
  • When you stand, it is sagging, and when you wear a bathing suit or underwear,
  • If you want to be attractive to men who are sensitive to visual stimuli
  • If you need to remove surplus skin after removing foreign body in vagina plastic surgery
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