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What is Stem Cell Labeling?? Labia Minora Plasty

Improved to the ideal ideal bow shape!

A woman with beautiful curves and a volume -

It is where women's vitality begins and where the secret body-line curve is at its peak.

Stem cell precocious pubescence is done only for women, and it makes the slender curves and elasticity come out in the beautiful labial bones..


It is a subcutaneous fat tissue that surrounds the left and right sides of the larynx and protects the pelvis and vulva from the external impact.

Labia majora, with a sense of appropriate volume and cushion excited men from the foreplay stage and cushioning the impact that has occurred naturally when hammering a full-fledged sex and increase the sexual feeling.

But getting wrinkles, dark color of the labia majora sikimyeo aversion to sexual arousal in men can cause pain during intercourse.


Staphylococcus is a procedure of Hymenoplasty surgery that extracts and transplants stem cells into the labia minora, which gradually diminishes in volume as it gets older.

When the stem cells and platelet activity in a manner that advances the treatment evenly injected into various layers mixed with fat cells saengchakryul significantly increased compared to regular fat graft.


Hymenoplasty surgery is a surgery that matches the deformed labia major, and completes the secret curves of women.

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Check Point

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What is the ideal for the labia major?

Denison is rich in subcutaneous fat from infancy to 20s, and has a smooth, convex hill shape.
Generally, when the width is 3 ~ 4cm and the length is 7 ~ 8cm, it is evaluated as a young and healthy ideal condition.










Type of deafness

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Protruding type

Overweight or congenital fat distribution


Sudden dieting, aging, and abdominal fat due to abdominal friction


If the subcutaneous fat is missing, it is stretched like a balloon,

Hybrid type

If there is a complex, rather than one variant,

When stem cells are required for laminectomy

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Stem cells from the best gynecology department

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DaeSunSun may be affected by frequent shocks to the affected area as well as friction during sitting, as well as walking or sitting in the seat. It is important that technology that allows the volume to remain longer when transplanted and regenerated.

In addition of Hymenoplasty surgery, it is also necessary to have a technique to induce natural invasion and regeneration so that the voluminous feeling of the upper part of the upper part of the upper arm is not felt as a foreign body.

➀ Improved to a proper beveled shape

➁ Appropriate amount of upper lip fat distribution

③ Noise and harmonic balance

⓸ Improved excessive wrinkles

⓹ Healthy Labiate Color

Stem Cell Labeling Effect

Stem Cells of the Best Obstetrics Gynecologic osteosynthesis effectively transplants autologous stem cells, active platelets and fat cells.

Thanks to the excellent regeneration effect of the ground, the voluminous feeling is restored to the living beech, and it is maintained for a long time.

In addition, wrinkles are spread and the regeneration of dermatophyte is facilitated, which has the effect of improving dark coloring of darkness.

Before Surgery

- Decrease in volume

- Deep wrinkles and pigmentation

- Clitoral follicle sagging

- Noise wing sagging

- Sagging

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After Surgery

- Volume of the labia mina by the stem cell formation

- Wrinkles are stretched to restore a firm feeling and improve coloration

- Noise-like arrangement of strings

- Appropriate clitoral exposure through the clitoral foreskin colon

- Sextile vulvar vulgaris

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Whole harmony of vulva

Stem cell surgery of the best gynecologist will save the volume feeling of the labia minora and balance the shape of the vulva in consideration of the harmony of the labia minora, the clitoral foreskin and the nail tips. For greater satisfaction, it is restored to a beautiful and harmonious appearance by performing vulvar molding such as epiphyseal wing molding, clitoral foreskin molding, and chewing gait lift.

Stem cell dissection process

Fat, blood sampling> stem cells, platelet separation> stem cells + active platelets + adipocytes> transplantation into the labia majora

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Operation Method

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➀ Design

Considering the overall vulva and harmony, we design the most ideal shape of the labia minora.


Extract fat stem cells, active platelets, and pure adipocytes, respectively.


The extracted stem cells, active platelets and fat cells are blended according to the ideal blending ratio without damaging them.

injected into the ideal form

Stem cells + active platelets + fat cells are injected into the labia minora. It is important to adjust the shape so that it is naturally positioned.

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  • Effect

The curve is revived by improving the luminousness of the lower labia minus which is not overly feminine.

  • Improving sexuality during sex

When there is no sense of cushion of the upper labiaceae, those who have felt friction pain during sexual intercourse recover their cushioning feeling and improve their sexuality.

  • Improved pigmented skin

It is expected that the skin tone that was colored through cell regeneration can be improved.


I need this person.

  • If there is a lack of fat in the upper labia and it turns out to be grayish
  • Wrinkles appear on the labrum and the vulva grows older
  • When the sexual feeling falls because there is no sense of cushion at the time of sexual intercourse
  • If you want to be attractive to a man who is sensitive to visual stimuli
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