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The Best Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic is the closest consultant to your client, who respects different concerns and tastes, and more accurately diagnoses what you really need.

The best gynecologic vaginal molding is the function of the vaginal cavity, which is based on the quality of the vagina, elasticity and dryness.

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I am not satisfied with vaginal molding. Why?

Vaginal surgery is not just a surgery to tighten the vaginal opening.

When narrowing the vaginal opening, the vaginal opening at the time of sexual intercourse is so narrow that it causes pain at the time of insertion, and the inside of the vagina is still loosened, which may lower the gender. In addition, even if the vagina is completely narrowed, if the secretion of the fluid is not smooth, it is difficult to have satisfactory sexual intercourse due to friction.

When the quality of the vagina itself is increased to tighten the mouth of the vagina and the inside of the vagina so that sexual intercourse can be smoothly performed, a satisfactory quality vagina is completed.

The best gynecology clinic tightens the vagina entrance and the inside firmly, and improves the inner quality problem such as the secretion function of the baby to solve the sexual health as well as the quality of the woman at the same time.

  1. <Original Dual Tie>

Original Dual Tie is a vaginal cosmetic surgery originally designed by the best gynecologist.

Fine peeling, diamond design peeling, revolving suture, etc. The unique high-tech technique of the best obstetrician narrows the loosened vagina twice in the entrance and restores the elasticity of the pelvic muscles to make it as solid as the 20s.

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  1. Elasticity and vaginal health simultaneously <active platelets + stem cells + autologous fat >

The best gynecologist and stem cell veneer uses the regenerative power of stem cells to restore smooth, firm and bright color quality that was retained before the first experience.

Beneath the vaginal mucosa, the fat layer between the pelvic muscles and ligaments, multiple layers are formed to thicken the vagina narrows and the elasticity of the vaginal wall is improved. At this time, when the active platelets are mixed with the stem cells, the effect is maximized. Stem cell regeneration regains dull and loose vagina brightly and firmly. Active platelets enhance the function of the secretion of the blood, enhance the adiposity of the fat, improve the functional aspect and complete the healthy and elastic quality.

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  1. Short procedure, positive effect <incontinence molding>

The best gynecologic incontinence surgery improves the function of the ligaments supporting the pelvic muscles and urethra around the vagina within a short period of 30 minutes, thereby changing not only urinary incontinence but also elasticity.

It is different from other incontinence surgery in that it improves not only the incontinence problem but also the elasticity of the vagina.

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Women's cosmetic surgery is not just a solution

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It is easy to think of molding as simply improving the functional aspect.

However, the meaning of female molding is the best I think.

Female molding

It is a treatment for 'woman's life' which brings many changes to women.

Asymptomatic asymmetrical stretching of the clothes to cure or swollen pain,

It relieves Y line troubles that are clearly visible when wearing tight clothing,

By refining the functions that are not the same as before,

Beyond solving simple problems, lifting the lives of women.


It is the definition of 'female molding' that I think is best.

Stop Fragmentary Effects
Presenting fundamental troubleshooting

There are quite a lot of people who do not know about their body when they actually talk. To get both satisfactory results and beauty, it is most important to know what you really need.

The best professional medical staff is the closest consultant to the client.
Knowing exactly what an individual needs and what they need
In the same procedure, the results are clearly different. I will not simply treat the procedure.

Focusing on the individual's anxieties and delicate diagnosis of professional medical staff By presenting perfect beauty rather than treatment for fragmentary effects Solves fundamental problems.