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What is Y line jig molding?

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Women's jig line plays a role in femininity.

When the jig is overdeveloped, it does not appear when it is dressed and it pops out like a male. If it is too weak, it may cause cushion feeling during sexual intercourse and cause pain or femininity.

Jig is made up of soft tissue consisting of union values and skin and subcutaneous fat in the front left and right pubic bone meet. Therefore, the jig causes excessive protrusion may have a lot of pubic bone or soft tissue if there is development in the front, and if the two are associated.

To calibrate the syphilis pubis, because part of the pelvic bone has a very important function that is given after the sang ache and the balance is not recommended.

It is slim to create an overly soft tissue development is the core of the fixture dolchuljeung treatment.

Necessary as a way to treat the aging jig and fixture dolchuljeung calibrated to match the line to the proper operation of the tool and abdomen.

And there is soft tissue of appropriate volume in fixture to restore cushioning function.

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Solution for fixture type

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Check Point

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What is the ideal for the labia major?

It is recommended that you get professional counseling if the abundant subcutaneous fat in your 20s begins to decrease from your thirties and your soft tissues become thinner and become stiff or your pubic bone becomes harder and your bones hurt during sex.

Due to excessive diet, excessive exercise or sexual intercourse, aging of jiggies often occurs in their 20s.

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Protruding jig

Complex when swimsuit or attached clothing is worn

Toxic jig protrudes forward, so there are many women who are reluctant to wear swimwear, skirts, and dresses.

This protruding jig may be accompanied by two problems or pubic bone development or soft tissue.

If it is caused by the development of pubic bone, it is not desirable to calibrate the pubis to keep the balance between the upper and lower body as part of the pelvic bone.



It is essential to make the excessively protruding soft tissue slim for the protruding fixture. If the jig is excessively projected compared to the abdominal line, surgery is needed to remove the soft tissue of the jig.

Fixation Point

3D stereoscopic design makes perfect balance of vulva

An overhanging jig may be accompanied by two problems, pubic or soft tissue.

Calibrate the soft tissue in front of the pubic bone so that the jig and abdomen line smoothly lead to natural harmony with surrounding tissue.


Minimum incision 3mm for untreated results

Postoperative surgical scarring is worse than no surgery.

The jugus correction of the best gynecologist is a minimum incision of 3 mm that does not leave traces of surgery, and there is no sign after surgery.


Uniform soft tissue removal as natural as the first time

When the soft tissue is removed, it will be uniformly removed as a whole so that it becomes smooth and natural form without rugged ruggedness after surgery.


Core of fixture function, cushion feeling and preservation of gender

It protects the function of the jig that strengthens the feeling of proper cushion and sexuality at the time of sexual intercourse and removes the soft tissue of the jig so that it becomes a slender line.


Eat less with swelling

Swelling and bruising are few, so it is quick to return to daily life after surgery.

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Stem cell fixative molding

Jig that is depressed and resilient due to aging

Causes of communication in relationship

Until about 20 years, abundant subcutaneous fat of the jig starts to decrease from the thirties, and there is a phenomenon that excessive soft tissue decreases in the jig area.

Also, due to dieting and violent exercise, the voluminous feeling of jiggies disappears. In this case, the jig is not overweight, and the bones may bite during sexual intercourse.



Stem cells and active platelets are injected into jig which lacks too much soft tissue, and stem cell jig formation is performed to restore the volume feeling of jig and proper cushion feeling.

Stem cell fixative molding Point

3D stereoscopic design makes perfect balance of vulva

Designed to match the size and shape of the abdomen line, the labia minora, the labia minora, and the shape of the jig that follows the jig.


Stimulating ability of stem cells + active platelets _ fat cells

The remarkable regeneration ability of stem cells can enrich the soft tissues of the jig.

Along with proper cushioning, wrinkles and elasticity are improved at the same time.


Natural and smooth texture and shape

It is a method to induce the regeneration of the subcutaneous soft tissues using stem cells, so there is no artificial lumps or hard foreign bodies, and it is smooth and smooth.


Little swelling and bruising

Swelling and bruising are few, so it is quick to return to normal after surgery.

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Operation Method



➀ Design

Abdomen line, the upper and lower lips, and the shape of harmony and harmony with the design of the form.

➁ Fixed orthodontic treatment

Calibrate the protruding jig soft tissue to a natural, smooth line.

③ Stem cell fixation molding

It transplants stem cells + active platelets + fat cells into a jig that has no elasticity and flattened by aging.

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  1. Appropriate volume sense of jig

If the jig is too bulky or too weak, it will give you the most appropriate volume.


  1. Improve visual appeal

Makes a feminine boldness in the jig, enhancing the visual appeal.



I need this person.

  • If you have a lot of jiggle stones and you are wearing a bathing suit or underwear,
  • If the soft tissue of the jig is lost due to aging or the like and it looks old or there is pain when having sex
  • If foreign matter is put into the jig and the lump is touched and it is rugged,
  • If you have foreign bodies in your jig and you are in pain or when you are lying down,
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