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Welcome to
Choi Sang Hospital

Choi Sang Hospital is the only hospital in South Korea which is dedicated to treat women with all the Gynecological solution. Choi Sang hospital has all the gynecological solution which does not only treat the medical condition but also help women to explore their inner confidence with various cosmetic surgeries like Vaginoplasty, Labia Minora Surgery and etc. In most country the virtue of women is regarded as the most valuable concern, keeping that in mind Choi Sang Hospital has also the procedure like Hymen Surgery which is commonly known as Rebirth Surgery to give the women the virtue. Choi Sang hospital is run by the highly skilled Doctors and Experienced Surgeons and the hospital is equipped with latest hardware and techniques of surgeries with a great environment for patients.

Our Specialty

  • Non-surgical treatment of uterine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology – Endocrinology
  • High level of technology
  • Research and development using stem cells
  • Operation of the Research Institute
  • University-level safety system